Morgan Freeman Movies

The list of Morgan Freeman movies is a very long one, especially if you include television appearances in his long career. Although his Broadway debut in Hello Dolly!was not a movie, this appearance is what really began Freeman’s acting career. He then appeared on the children’s television program The Electric Company. His first real movie appearance was in a film with Robert Redford entitled, Brubaker in 1980. Several other films are on the Morgan Freeman movie list in 1985, but it was not until his appearance in Street Smart1987 that Freeman was recognized for his truly outstanding talent. In this film, he played a street pimp, and was nominated for Best Supporting Actor.

Morgan Freeman MoviesDriving Miss Daisy in 1989 was a completely different role for Freeman as he played the chauffeur for an elderly Southern widow. This movie won an Oscar for Best Picture, and Freeman won a nomination for Best Actor. The drama of the Civil War, Glory, was another success for Freeman in 1989. He also played the role of a high school principal in the movie, Lean on Me. This film has been a favorite with high school teachers and students over the years, especially those who can relate to the poverty and violence in the urban school setting and realize that education is the way out.

By the 1990s, Freeman’s career was firmly established, and he began appearing in more and more films. In Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, Freeman played Azeem, Robin Hood’s friend. In Unforgiven, he appeared as Ned Logan and demonstrated his great acting ability in this Western film. In 1994, his appearance in The Shawshank Redemption, Freeman was Red Redding, an inmate in the Shawshank Prison. Freeman won a nomination for Best Actor for his appearance in this film. Seven was also a movie that moved Freeman forward in his acting career. It is a movie about a serial killer, and Freeman was recognized by many for his performance in this film. Some of Freeman’s other movies from this decade include Outbreak, Chain Reaction, Moll Flanders, Amistad, Kiss the Girls,  Deep Impact, and Hard Rain.

Between 2000 and 2005, Freeman made 12 movies and reached new heights in his career. Among these were High Crimes, Bruce Almighty, and a movie that won Freeman his first Oscar Award for Best Actor for Million Dollar Baby.

Another of Freeman’s successes has been his appearances in Batman films – first in Batman Begins in 2005 and again in the sequel The Dark Knight in 2008. He is currently filming another Batman movie scheduled topremier in 2012.

Freeman has starred or co-starred in many other films in the 2000s, including Unleashed, 10 Items or Less, Prom Night in Mississippi, and Invictus, a film that he received a nomination for his role as Nelson Mandela.

Freeman will receive America’s Highest Honor for a Career in Film for an actor that will be presented to him on June 9, 2011. The award will be presented by the American Film Institute’s Board of Trustees. The actor has won other awards over the years as well, such as the Hollywood Actor Award from the Hollywood Film Festival in 2000. In 2008, he received the Kennedy Center Honor for distinguished acting.

The Morgan Freeman movie list is so long for only one reason, and that is that Freeman can take any type of role and play an authentic character. He has repeatedly done this appearing as a chauffeur driver, inmate, or president. His warm and gentle charisma can also be tough and hard as he takes on various roles in his movies. It is no wonder that Freeman is one of the world’s best loved actors.